30 October 2008

Word Description

Group five's (Oh Kyo-kwang and Cho Hae-in) late bout of genius Thursday impelled them to defeat group three 37 to 21, in "word description". Group four finished with twenty-two; group one, twenty; group two, seventeen.

Chosen to develop students patience in themselves and trust in their partners, and ultimately for debating, the warm-up consumed the entire forty-five minute elective period. Some groups were self-possessed. Others committed hysterical bloopers, yet others madlibs.

Descriptions included ball; city; pink; Saturday; car; Korea; dog; yes; Jang Han-su; chemistry; principal; coffee; computer; Samsung; thumb; rain; Toyota; Yeoju; king; Vietnam; apartment; Alex; sexy; crazy; handsome; France; sword; theater.

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