04 January 2009

Sooji Um

My name is Sooji and I am 16 years old. My interests are shopping and watching movies. My disinterests are solving math problems and exercising. Debate is about expressing thoughts about a topic and giving reasonable responses. The qualities of a good debater are conviction about one's side and telling the truth with personal thoughts. One should respect other debaters with different viewpoints. I joined the class because I feel like I am forgetting English and I really miss people who speak it because I cannot talk on the phone with friends (e.g. phone bill). I want to improve my writing, speaking, and reading skills (vocabulary maybe). So, basically, everything. I do not have certain things I want to debate.

Jaehyun Park

I am Jaehyun Park and I lived in the USA five years. I like to play the flute, do karaoke with friends, and shop. I joined the class because I feel I am forgetting English. I would not want to forget English for the rest of my life since it was extremely hard to learn English in America. I personally do not like debating but for my English skills, I will try my best to debate. I wish to improve my speaking because it is hard for me to speak in public. I would like to discuss any issues in the school, or big topics of the world. A good debater should be able to move a person's mind easily and should always have a great opinion. I am planning to be a good debater, and I hope to become one in the future.