30 October 2008

Word Description

Group five's (Oh Kyo-kwang and Cho Hae-in) late bout of genius Thursday impelled them to defeat group three 37 to 21, in "word description". Group four finished with twenty-two; group one, twenty; group two, seventeen.

Chosen to develop students patience in themselves and trust in their partners, and ultimately for debating, the warm-up consumed the entire forty-five minute elective period. Some groups were self-possessed. Others committed hysterical bloopers, yet others madlibs.

Descriptions included ball; city; pink; Saturday; car; Korea; dog; yes; Jang Han-su; chemistry; principal; coffee; computer; Samsung; thumb; rain; Toyota; Yeoju; king; Vietnam; apartment; Alex; sexy; crazy; handsome; France; sword; theater.

29 October 2008

29 October Minutes

In the first forum informal debate, resolution one was proposed, "Smoking infractions commited at school should be severely punished." Severely was not defined, assumed to be as disciplinary as a major infraction in the student handbook.

The entry poll suggested that four were for (Y) and seven were against (N) the measure.

Summary of the minutes are as follows: (Y) it must pass, it is not only a rule but a law; (Y) smoking is disruptive; (N) secondhand smoking should be severely punished, but not firsthand smoking at school. Positive countered, since when is it okay to smoke alone at school? Negative countered, smoking can never be eradicated; (Y) Regardless, firsthand smoking can still secondhand affect students; (N) the school should construct a school smoking zone (SSZ) to contain smokers; (Y) a special smoking area will encourage more students to join this smoking room! (Y) That is not the issue, smoking cannot be allowed to be on school grounds.

The exit poll suggested that five were for and six were against the measure. The resolution did not pass.

27 October 2008

Debate Shot

Introductory Discussion and Debate

Discussion and Debate provides mental fitness and fun. It is a forum to flush-out bad ideas. The course, built in integrity, upholds character development. We believe dispute is a powerful teacher. Mental challenges in a group context offer competitors the opportunity to mature leadership skills, self-confidence, and a commitment to others that will rouse them to lead productive lives. Debate includes practice in the manners of common social interactions. Proficiency is reinforced through reading in multiple areas of cultural studies. The class will include some speech etiquette in social exchanges. Classroom debating will help students grasp many essential critical thinking and presentation skills. Rapid exchanges will help develop clear reasoning, confidence, and partnerships.

Debating includes but is not limited to public
speaking, teamwork/cooperation, research, abstract thinking, analytical thinking, citizenship/ethics, cross-examination, point of view, distinguishing fact from opinion, identification of bias, organization of information, persuasion (Sunda 2006).

Last year's debate club reached the semi-finals thanks to the dedication of Mr. Ian Baddon and Ms. Yu Yoon-jeong.

Lee Ji-hyun

Hello, I am Lee Ji-hyun. I want to be a diplomat--debating class can help. Though I have never been abroad, I really like English. I love to learn otehr foreign languages, too. Let me mention my favorite. My favorite colors are black and pink; favorite animal is a cat; favorite food are chocolate and gimchi; favorite singer is Jesse MacCartney (Learn Beautiful Soul)--he is very handsome and sings very well. I think this class will help me because the atmosphere is so comfortable that I can freely express my ideas. And, I think the most important thing to improve in debating is *confidence*!

Kyo-kwang Oh

My name is Kyo-kwang Oh. I wish to confidently speak English with others. I want to fill the gap I cannot fill in regular English class with this elective. I think the decision was right to join discussion and debate. I am not a high-level student, but, I will try my best.

Bae Jun-han

Hello~! I am Bae Jun-han of class 1-7, former class president, and student of Bundang High School. Because I think I am outgoing, I don't want students to hesitate speaking with me anytime! I love to play sports--especially basketball--with friends, and listen to music.

I want to be a diplomat when I grow up. To be one, I suppose foreign languages, for example English, are necessary to master. Good human relationships are necessary, too. Through this debating class, I will learn a lot about English and I trust every student in the class will make a good effort.

I hope to learn a lot to be a good diplomat, and make good relationships with friends . Thank you.

Lee In-hae

Hello, I am In-hae. I introduced myself last time that I lived in New Mexico for a year though my manners are not completely American. I have a staring problem. Please do not take this wrongly.
I like talking, as do others, but sometimes I am afraid to be around new people. I am trying hard to be friendly with those I see for the first time. I love piano and sushi. I cannot eat cucumbers well. Though last semester I took debating with teacher Ian Baddon, I am not good at it. I am sure there are some students whose debating personalities are confident. Regardless, I will try hard to keep up.

Ji-soo Kang

Hi, I am Ji-soo Kang. My model singer is Madonna. I admire her. She is very smart, talented, and brave. She has her own image. I wish to be like her--I want to have my own image and be a celebrity. I registered for the class to improve my English. I can read and listen, but, on the other hand, cannot converse well. Just words come out. What I say is NOT often what I think. So, I think I need to experience more English conversation. Sometimes I shyly speak infront of a classroom, but this class is small; I think I will have the confidence to speak out.

Cho Hae-in

Hi!~^^ My name is Hae-in. I like to play the violin. I like to read anything but science fiction or history books. I have joined debating despite my poor English and shyness of strangers to make friends and to develop my English. I will try hard. Let's have a good time!

Kim Min-seop

I joined discussion and debate to improve my English conversation, and to participate in debates. I used to speak English fairly well, but now less so due to lack of opportunity. I want to participate in school debating competitions. I think it is very cool to speak two languages.

Jong-youn "Alex" Park

Hello, I am Jong-youn Park. My English name is Alex. Because I lived in Toronto, Canada, for two years, I still study English to maintain the language skills. I am interested in science, English, mathematics and French, but, sadly, am not interested in "abstraction" such as philosophy or art. I think "debating" is a method to increase our confidence and improve our logical skills. Thus, that is why I joined this elective. I will put all my effort in it. I hope that we will have a great time during class. Have a nice day^^

Au revoir~ ^^

Alex Park

Kang-woo Lee

Hi, My name is Kang-woo Lee. My favorite hobby is listening to music. I am interested in problems of the society, not of science. Debating, I think, is sharing ideas and thoughts. I like to debate with people. I joined this elective to better my English skills.

Kang Kyo-seong

Hello, I am Kyo-seong. In fact I have joined discussion and debate by invitation from classmate Han-su. I am poor at English. But I like the language. That is why I have decided to join debating. I like listening to music. I prefer history to mathematics. Math drives me crazy. It is so difficult. History is very interesting. I feel happy learning about the lives of our ancestors. Anyway, I want to develop my English conversation skills. So, please help me! I will enjoy this class.

Jang Han-su

Hi, I am Jang Han-su. I enjoy soccer and baseball. My favorite subject is mathematics. I like to be alone, but I am friendly. I am poor at English, but truly want to develop my language ability, which is why I have joined discussion and debate. I want to have a good time in this class.