29 October 2008

29 October Minutes

In the first forum informal debate, resolution one was proposed, "Smoking infractions commited at school should be severely punished." Severely was not defined, assumed to be as disciplinary as a major infraction in the student handbook.

The entry poll suggested that four were for (Y) and seven were against (N) the measure.

Summary of the minutes are as follows: (Y) it must pass, it is not only a rule but a law; (Y) smoking is disruptive; (N) secondhand smoking should be severely punished, but not firsthand smoking at school. Positive countered, since when is it okay to smoke alone at school? Negative countered, smoking can never be eradicated; (Y) Regardless, firsthand smoking can still secondhand affect students; (N) the school should construct a school smoking zone (SSZ) to contain smokers; (Y) a special smoking area will encourage more students to join this smoking room! (Y) That is not the issue, smoking cannot be allowed to be on school grounds.

The exit poll suggested that five were for and six were against the measure. The resolution did not pass.

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Jang han su said...

i'm in positive side. I said in class if we make smoking zone and smoking class, our school reputation will decrease. and it will make fresh man who has been smoking come to our school.