05 November 2008

4 November minutes

Bundang High School should have athletic teams.

The affirmative claims that school sporting development helps students to become athletes in an environment they otherwise would not (how many Olympic athletes are "lost" to a Korean academic system?); brings school honor, national exposure; it will increase the number of competitive athletes in foreign organizations (e.g., English Premiership; MLB); the system does not adequately produce athletes; school is not just about studying--there should be a balance; other skills can be honed at school.

The negative claims it will cost too much money, will reduce an already limiting school budget meant for studying for sporting activities; practices disturb students who study; when exactly will practices occur? The school does not have neither the demand nor the resources to introduce athletic teams; "specialty" school, for example schools whose curricula specialize in taekwondo, badminton, and baseball already exist--students can attend those schools; how many clubs define athletic teams? Just for boys? Or girls, too? The "system" produces athletes just fine.

The poll suggested that two were for and five were against the measure. Four students were absent. The resolution did not pass.

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