27 October 2008

Introductory Discussion and Debate

Discussion and Debate provides mental fitness and fun. It is a forum to flush-out bad ideas. The course, built in integrity, upholds character development. We believe dispute is a powerful teacher. Mental challenges in a group context offer competitors the opportunity to mature leadership skills, self-confidence, and a commitment to others that will rouse them to lead productive lives. Debate includes practice in the manners of common social interactions. Proficiency is reinforced through reading in multiple areas of cultural studies. The class will include some speech etiquette in social exchanges. Classroom debating will help students grasp many essential critical thinking and presentation skills. Rapid exchanges will help develop clear reasoning, confidence, and partnerships.

Debating includes but is not limited to public
speaking, teamwork/cooperation, research, abstract thinking, analytical thinking, citizenship/ethics, cross-examination, point of view, distinguishing fact from opinion, identification of bias, organization of information, persuasion (Sunda 2006).

Last year's debate club reached the semi-finals thanks to the dedication of Mr. Ian Baddon and Ms. Yu Yoon-jeong.