05 November 2008

5 November minutes

The Korean government should stop hiring foreign (native) English teachers because they are not needed.

The affirmative claims the English Program in Korea, EPIK, among others, is too taxing to the Korean government; the system prejudices against domestic (Korean) English teachers; many foreign teachers are unqualified / not qualified--unlicensed, undocumented, or inexperienced.

The negative strongly believes that because education already costs money, hiring native English teachers provides the edge justifying the cost; there is a demand in English education, the government must supply it; this is a better alternative than sending a child to study in a foreign country for a year (e.g., "satellite" family); hogwans presently have foreign English teachers, thus we must compete otherwise public education will suffer.

Amusingly, the students were shy about polling near their native English teacher. Haha, I laughed.

The poll suggested unanimously seven students were against the measure. The resolution did not pass.

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