05 December 2008

5 December minutes

Salary is the most important reason in choosing a job.

The affirmative supports certain claims made in the article, "Choosing a career." The constructive statements and rebuttals are summarized below.

Constructive statements
We cannot live without money; it's too idealistic to not think about money. People have too many [financial] responsibilities; Almost one one likes to study--we all want to go to a well-known college to improve upon our future chances; Good things cost more--money gives those options.

When the job lacks interest , it causes stress. Often the highest paying jobs are as described; money are for necessities; after all, it has been shown not to give happiness; after twenty-years of working for money, people lose their talents, and their lives empty into an abyss; talent gives success, not money.

It still causes people to work at jobs they do not like--still your argument does not solve the problem; money does not reduce responsibilities; money only helps to get into college, human labor is still needed to run that process to completion; anyway, happiness betters that.

You still cannot help but about thinking about money; necessities are basic to life; lack of money increases the number of regrets; success is not necessary for a happy life.

Result: negative persuasion

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